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Rockford Tree Services: Need a Rockford Tree Service? We can help! With over 2,000 Satisfied Customers, we are your “Guaranteed Sure Thing!” Here is a few of our services, if you don’t see a service you need, contact us to find out if we can help.

  • Rockford Tree Removal
  • Rockford Stump Removal
  • Rockford Land Clearing
  • Rockford Tree Care
  • Rockford Shrub Removal
  • Rockford Tree Trimming
  • Rockford Tree Service
  • Rockford Tree Pruning
  • Rockford Arborists
  • Rockford Emergency Tree Removal, 24/7

Rockford Tree Services, our credentials speak for themselves. We are the Rockford tree and landscape maintenance specialists you want to call when you need work done at your home or business. No matter the job size or height of a project, from the moment we arrive at your door, we will provide you with safe, effective tree care. If you need Bloomington Tree Removal we can help. Having operated for 10 years on call for emergency tree removals.

We are family owned and operated, fully licensed company, and we pride ourselves on Tree Services management. We are the area’s first and only team of Certified Arborists*, as well as a member of the International Society of Arborists. We are a certified applicator with the TDA and The SPCB, and are recognized as expert Oak Wilt and Emerald Ash Borer control specialists. Whether you need a stump taken out of the ground, or you need your plants safeguarded from insects, we’re the one to call.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and can provide you with a free estimate before we begin any work. We offer convenient appointment scheduling and a wide variety of landscape maintenance packages, should you like to.

Our goal is to provide all Rockford customers with affordable tree care service. If you have been searching for quality tree care in Rockford, IL. there is no need to look any further.

Rockford Tree Removal: From fallen limbs to 150′ trees, we can help you safely and affordably with our Rockford tree care services.

Rockford Stump Removal: Stump grinding is the process of removing the tree trunk, stump and roots all in one. This process is dangerous and labor intensive. We use the sharpest most powerful equipment on the market to swiftly remove stumps from our customers properties.

Rockford Land Clearing: Clearing land from 1 acre to 100 acres is what we do. In fact besides tree removal, this service is our second most requested. Need Rockford land clearing? Hire Us! Call today for a free Rockford land clearing estimate.

Rockford Tree Care: Tree care is important in maintaining optimum color and fullness of any tree. No matter how rich the soil, todays products can be used to make massive impacts on your trees look and health. We are trained to care for all species of tree native to Illinois. And have seen them all!

Rockford Shrub Removal: Removing shrubs is a task that can be done right or wrong. If done improperly, the shrub is likely to come back a year later, or worse ruin your new landscaping. We can help you remove your shrubs right the first time.

Rockford Tree Trimming: Tree Trimming is done to not only make the tree look uniform, but its also done to protect your family, employees, your guests, customers of yours and or your neighbors as well. In fact proper tree trimming can be done yearly and at a minimum cost to you.

Rockford Tree Pruning: We only allow our workers to prune if they have at least 10 years experience in cutting trees and tree services. You are guaranteed to be getting the best Rockford tree pruning company, with us.

Rockford Arborists: Arborists are those who are expert tree surgeons. Who know how and when to trim a tree. Or remove one when the time is right. We are specialized Rockford Arborists, and you can trust us with any tree in town.

Rockford Emergency Tree Removal, 247: Always call 911 first should you have an emergency, then call Rockford Tree Services. We provide excellent emergency tree removal services, 24/7. Call us today for a tree removal emergency.

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